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How To Make Money On FUT 12Posted:

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[b]The ages old technique that transcends all markets in life, if employed successfully it can make you more coins than you can shake a stick at.
1st method
A way to make quick profits on Ultimate Team FIFA 11 was to buy (gold +24 games) player contracts for less than 1000 coins. The best and only really successful way to obtain contracts was to edit your search criteria, set minimum cost to say 700 and maximum cost to 1000, then 950, 900 etc. Then all you need to do to is trawl the masses of contracts until you find the solid gold ones (+24 games) which are available to buy now for less than 1000. Once you find a few then send them straight to trade pile. Set the starting price at 1000 and buy now price at 1300 or 1400. Depending on how in demand these contracts are at the time of day you can even put the buy now at 1500. More often than not people end up clicking the buy now option, even if they dont you still make a profit, just not as large as you would if they click buy now. With FIFA 12 you would have to adjust the prices to suit the market i.e. Solid Gold contracts might only costs around 600 so try to source them using my methods for less than that. Do not list all your contracts at the one time, leave a 5 minute interval between listing to guarantee maximum
chance of people buying the buy now price, if the marketplace is flooded with the contracts then the price will be lowered as there is more available and some could be selling for less.
Works also with the cheaper Gold contracts (+11 games) though the profit margin can be smaller and it may take more time that way.
In my experience I have always found the +24 games gold contracts to be more successful, sometimes you can find them going for 700-800 coins and if you listed them on a buy now for 1300 thats 500-600 profit.

How to make BIG PROFIT!

The biggest profit margins can be achieved through buying and selling of players. The most effective way of achieving this is to first check which players are selling. After all what use is it someone asking 50k coins for a Emile Heskey if it wont sell? Go to the marketplace, and physically have look at what players people are bidding on and buying. Take a note of how much the player sells for. Once you have the name of the player and their price go back into the marketplace, set the criteria so that to find that player and set the maximum price to around 10-20% less than what he sold for in auction. If this yields no result then search for him in the auction where he might go for cheaper the auction method is best to do when there might be less people on Ultimate Team i.e. early in the morning or late at night when generally there tends to be better deals going as there is less people online to purchase
the players. Timing is crucial, some players can be bought 70% cheaper purely accountable due to it being late on in the night or early in the morning. If you find a player on buy now for a cheap price then always start the auction at an increased price. An example of this is purchasing Gareth Bale for 3000, selling him at a starting price of 6000 and buy now price of 7500. If Gareth Bale usually sells for around 9000, then even 7500 might be considered to be really cheap.

In-form and rare players can sometimes be found at a knockdown price, a little research on to how much people are selling a certain in-form or rare player can prove to be very rewarding. There is always in-form players at auction on who people do not bid, that is your chance to buy at a low price then sell him on might take a while but you can be guaranteed he will sell. Again, buy low start at a higher price than you bought and set a buy now around 50% higher than starting price.
Pro Tip if you buy a player for around 30% less than what the average going price is then start the auction at the price you bought him for, it will get more people interested and you will stand to make a profit.
Check the website ( for the latest trends in player prices, grab a player cheap then sell him for more as the trend starts to pick up! All you have to do is find a player, monitor his price curve and as it starts to increase buy him, wait and then sell him for a higher price a day or so later!
The 59th minute method (best method)
Sometimes players want to make a quick sale of their players, if for example they have just bought a pack and do not require any of the players which he receives so he chooses to list them at auction for an hour to try and make his money back which he spent on the pack. What you need to do is go to the marketplace, leave the criteria as is (or select gold level) then scroll through all the pages until you find the auctions ending in the 59th minute. Browse through all the auctions searching for buy now bargains. Find them cheap and buy them right away.

Other items

Research goes a long way in making coins. Keep in mind prices and look through team kits, badges, stadiums and managers. Always check at different times of day when it is possible that there might be less users on Ultimate Team. Source them at a low price then sell them high at peak times of day.
Peak times can be considered when people finish school or come back from work during week days. Weekends are also peak times, as more people tend to be on so prices will be higher.
Off peak times are when people are sleeping and at work/school. There tends to be less people on and prices are generally lower.
Bronze packs
Bronze packs only cost 400 coins and includes 12 items. As auctions start at 150 you could potentially make 1800 from each pack, 1400 profit. That is unrealistic though, as you will not be able to sell every item. Players do tend to sell however, so selling all players for 150 should generate profit as long as you sell at least 3 you will be in profit. With bronze players it takes patience, they will sell eventually. Keep putting them up for auction.
This is the best method and tends to net you the most profit. Just make sure you have plenty of coin saved up. Set the criteria max price to whatever coins you have available at the time, go to 59th minute page and look for the bargains.
Tournaments can be a good way to obtain a nice bit of coin to be able to employ the techniques described above successfully (especially contracts as the more you buy at once i.e. 10 or more the more you will from 300-500 per contract which would mean 3000-5000 coins per hour).
Tournaments with a prize of 2000 or more coins are a literal gold-mine. They only appear so often, however, so play them when they are available. It takes usually just a tad over an
hour to complete a tournament. In that hour you could earn around 500 coins per match, 4 matches thats 2000 coins. Add that with the prize and you have 4000 coins in an hour. Do this a few times a day when you have a spare hour. Then invest that money.
Offline tournaments are easy money, computer controlled teams are not the most challenging and you still earn around 500 coins per game.

Just wanted to help out all you guys hope my guide helps you.

Also check out my youtube
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