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Virus Warning!Posted:

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We have recieved word that alot of you are falling foul to virus attacks on the site. We do our best to clear up the virus' and rubbish but before we get there it would seem some of you download and run them. These virus' are keyloggers and log your usernames and passwords for sites.
Anything claiming to give you 10th prestige when you download and run it is FAKE! do not fall for it. Make sure you compelte a full scan of your computer with an up to date anti virus and change all your passwords if you believe you have been effected.

A good idea would be to scan all suspicious files before you run them or not run them atall.
You can upload small files to
This site will scan them with multiple anti virus which is more effective than just one antivirus obviously.
Remember, good virus' are undetectable as they are new and unknown or work in a different way to remain undetected. So its best to use COMMON SENSE.

Ofcourse if you see a suspicious post please report it to a moderator via pm.
Admin Team.

The Following 15 Users Say Thank You to UKandy360 For This Useful Post:

-PIE- (09-11-2011), TooMuchHalo3 (08-03-2010), Abita (05-11-2010), pantsgoblin2 (05-11-2010), RepBandit (05-11-2010), marcos (05-11-2010), TTG_DIGITAL (05-11-2010), xXxD1RTYD3NxXx (05-11-2010), TTG____AJM (05-11-2010), BlackMagik (05-11-2010), Snowhiter (05-11-2010), Gucci (05-11-2010), lxViiRuSzZxl (05-11-2010), TTG-Skillz (05-11-2010), TTG_Lindeman (05-11-2010)
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please look at my virus scaning topic! it will help a lot of members
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Who would fall for that? jeeez lol.. Jk
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Thanks Alot

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thanks dude i havent got the virus but ive also saw alot of people saying they have got viruses
i will check these people posting download links.
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Good stuff

I never DL anything from TTG anyway haha

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thanks going to help alot of people
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hmmm he is right a good anti virus is mcaffe realy recomend it
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Cheers mate for the headsup i dont want to fall foul to that.

Zac 8)
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wow this might help people

cuz i hate those hackers
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