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(Trials HD Contest signed Gear by RedLynx) RESULTS:!:Posted:

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Contest Starting topic
Offical red lynx forum post 93df2dc341b

The Tech Game members:

It’s been absolutely fantastic to have this competition. And the quality and originality of the tracks created, they were far more than we expected. And once we saw them, there were many which truly amazed us, and did that very positively. So our deepest thanks to all the participants. We went through every track that participated.

We listed there both Pros and Improvement ideas, but bear in mind: Improvement ideas are not meant to be negative feedback, its ideas how the tracks could have been improved even more. This is due to fact that the participants clearly had such a skill-set and capability to create exceptionally great tracks immediately. We hope any hints we give, will give further ideas for these clearly talented level designers.

Selecting the winners is never an easy task, especially when the overall quality is as good as it now was. But, as that has to done, our selections are:

AkatsukiUK - FancyAPipeOlChum
Pros: Great angles, Great set, Fun to ride! Long and smooth gameplay with lots of variations. Good use of decorations and space.
Improvement Ideas: There were some unpolished obstacles

Second place
Pros: Multiple routes, good finalization. Like ware-house. Impressive visuals and gameplay with nice decorations and structures, Looks really like a track made for riding!

Honorable mention and Trials HD flag signed hoodie
Journey of Beasts
Pros: Emotional experience, Awesome looks, Impressive visuals.
Improvement Ideas: Maybe not as solid run gameplay-wise as it could with some more tuning

Congratulations to all the winners! from the red lynx team

As said, we went through and played all the tracks. Absolutely great track, the participants have done amazing job and definitely have a lot of dedication and skill! To pay our respects to every single one of you, here are also comments for every single track made. And again, Improvement ideas are not negative, hope you get ideas how to improve your track creation. We are happy to give this type of feedback for skilled people like you – it’s a pleasure. “Giving feedback on how to run even faster would be useless if the other party doesn’t yet know how to even walk. But you fellows are already running fast, so its been an honor for us!” These comments are NOT in order.

Mike - Dynamite Mine
Pros: Physic usage good! Nice ending. Good ideas

[TTG] - Mass Effect - Timodus
Pros: Visually nice. Enough effects for my taste ;-) .explosions!!!mmmm! Action.
Improvement Ideas: a bit confusing game-play, A bit repetitive.

Ghetto - n/a
Pros: Speed and nice ideas
Improvement Ideas: Checkpoint placement, Bit cluttered

Adam - What’s going on?
Pros: Mood and clever object usage. Looks challenging but playable
Improvement Ideas: Lack of decorations. Bit short

KatamariUK - City Run
Pros: Great set, great final touch, fun to ride. Lots of unique obstacles. Good idea. Cars were a nice touch. Good cinematic stuff in the earlier parts of the track
Improvement Ideas: Playability of the track in some parts could be improved

kellemann - Insanety V2.0
Pros: Insanity describes what it is! Madness game play, unique visual style with nice lighting. Different. Dramatic and dreamy, track collapsing behind adds greatly to the atmosphere.
Improvement Ideas: Flow of the track

PANdaRUS - n/a
Pros: Performance issue. Otherwise would have been really good
Improvement Ideas: Yeah i think that was our technical limit

nannerdw - Downtown - nannerdw
Pros: Lots of usage of objects, like new world! One of the craziest track I’ve seen, nice advanced engineering
Improvement Ideas: Decoration missing. Playability, could be better after all the cool stuff

lu3mm3l - JustTrials2 - lu3mm3l
Pros: Mine part is nice, solid basic track.
Improvement Ideas: Some flow issue.

Stickguy - Squirrels and Balls-Stickguy259
Pros: Bomb squirrel! Funky obstacles
Improvement Ideas: a bit unpolished visuals, some parts are annoying to ride

SoulAssassin8 - Ring of Glass - SoulAssassin808
Pros: Usage of the glass! Awesome. Looks promising and nice simplistic in the start
Improvement Ideas: partly looses the flow and idea at the end. Stacked glasses are hard to ride.

DayOldDorito - Inferno III - DayOldDorito
Pros: Hardcore, good finalization
Improvement Ideas:

Qc- HardKore:
Pros: Some nice obstacles and ideas. Looks exciting
Improvement Ideas: Visually unpolished. Quite difficult.

Qc: Fogged Up Night:
Pros: Totally new scene, Hard! Nice special effect placement. Very nice environment design.
Improvement Ideas: Could use more decoration, Looks fun to drive but why so short?

Message from TTG SEAN
ok so there you have it folks there are the long awaited winners and also Red Lynx took the time to review all of the tracks how cool is that! winner or runner up i would like to thank everyone for taking part and showing such good sportsmanship i would like everyone to reply back show some love to Red Lynx for giving us this opportunity as a community to show our creative side we will be adding forums for Trials HD so you can map share over the forum and help each other on levels and skill games so everyone give them a shout out winners please contact me and im trying to get ahold of you

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ok the topic is open for comment sorry i did not mean to lock it ! winners please contact me asap
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WOOhoo lol
Congratz AkatsukiUK good track.
Im a little disappointed though that mike aint one of the tops.

Good on ya Aka good job
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Congratulations to all the winners, the videos speech for them selves you guys earned this.
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Congratz the the winners enojy the prizes you have earned them and i bet yo had fun making the tracks
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Congratz to the winners
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Congrats those were some sick tracks good job
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Congratz! I like the creativity 8)
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damn i didn't win. Well i thing every track submitted to RL was a winning track
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Congrats to the winner! good job!
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