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Memory Hacking/Modding ToolsPosted:

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Could someone tell me briefly ... What tools can I use for this memory hacking (real time) on a PS3?
I am quite familiar with memory hacking in general. I have been using cheat engine and MHS all my life. Debugging. etc.

Console : PS3 Slim, CFW Rebug 4.82. CEX

My problem is .. I can't find the tools for doing so on PS3. I have successfully found CCAPI 2.80 and Net Cheat 4.53.
Problems. CCAPI along cannot FIND addresses. And CCAPI debugger is not updated since 2.60 ..and doesn't work with the 2.80 DLLs.
Q 01) Pro DG Target Manager or Debugger ----- do these work for CEX console? If so... where can I find the latest? I have Googled. But no good. If anyone has a copy. Want to share?

Q 02) TMAPI ---- does this work on CEX? If not.. Does anyone know how to make CCAPI Debugger work with CCAPI 2.80?

Q 03) I have seen some people using Cheat Engine? Does that work? How?

or do people use something completely different for Firmware 4.82?
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Best bet is to convert to Dex and use ProDG For PS3 v420.1.0
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Converting to DEX is the best way to go, if you need any help converting, I can help or there's multiple videos on youtube
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i Believe TMAPI only Works with Dex Console's

Cex Works Good with CCAPI as well as all RTM App's

You Should be able to convert if you have knowledge
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