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200 Rep | BIG YEETPosted:

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Just got my second cheese block! I'm on the come up! Mikey better watch out

I am super thankful to the Magical Rep Fairy in the SB and everyone in the SB <3


The Following 3 Users Say Thank You to Novh For This Useful Post:

Xbox (10-13-2018), Mikey (10-13-2018), Maze (10-12-2018)
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Congrats mate
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Congrats my guy, too many more blocks of depression
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Congrats on 200 rep! Stay active & see you at 300
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Congratulations on 200 rep my man. Get in the SB and keep posting and it will start flying up!!
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Congratulations on your second cheese block friend.
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GG on 2 cheese blocks
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