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Worse Fifa I've ever playedPosted:

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this is literally the worse Fifa I have ever played and I cannot stand ea anymore there robbing pr****, this game will be gone quicker then Fifa 18 the game is complete trash, I thought it's was just me bad at the game but it seems like a lot of people feel the same way. WORSE GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED FORTNITE IS BETTER AND THATS SAYING SOMETHING.
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Maybe spend more time in school learning English than worrying about a video game.
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Stfu sell the game and leave the forum
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I've only played like 12 games and I actually enjoy it. Sat comfortably in Div 5.
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Why so hard on the guy?

The game does have its flaws but no game is perfect.

The only thing that aggravates-me are the stupid free packs we get at the end of the weekend league, div rivals and squad battles. They are the crappiest of the crappiest.besides that, the game is not bad.

I'm actually getting-the 32k coins for the div rivals prize. Havent played much these days and cant say im going to get someone good.
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tbh 19s gameplay is worse than 18s
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