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I played Football from the age of 8 to freshman year & I played Baseball from the age of 4 up to my freshman year, both ended that year because I broke both of my growth plates in my knees when we were practicing one day and after that it just wasn't the same for me because I was out for about 4 months after that, but I do still love watching sports haha
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played football (soccer) literally since I can remember, best sport out there. but picked up basketball when I started getting older due to being crazy tall
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played football but now im fat and lazy lmao
i also have a bad foot so i cant kick anymore
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Baseball from 5-21, football from 10-18, basketball from 7-10, and soccer from 7-18.
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AAU Basketball and highschool football. thats it really never got into anything else.
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I played a lot of different sports growing up I played football rugby and cricket
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Did a few -
gymnastics, soccer, golf, and basketball
Basketball was my favorite.
Really wanted to make a career out of it and join the women's team for University of Oklahoma, but eventually i got tired of school and dropped out my second semester of junior year, didnt get back in school til a year later and felt there was no need to continue
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I played hockey, soccer and baseball growing up, but I quit soccer and baseball to pursue hockey. The first time I skated was when I was 3 and I busted my face open. Fell in love with the sport from that day forward. Still have my Winnipeg Jets jersey from that day and you can still see the blood stain on the jersey.
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