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100 rep finally!Posted:

  • Summer 2019
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so after endless days of spamming the sb for rep and probably pissing off alot of people, i made it.

Thanks to everyone in the sb cant list you all but you all came super clutch in helping me reach this milestone and a SPECIAL thanks to Petite & Made for always having my back and talking to me.

My future milestones include 200 rep, 300 posts and gold gifter.

Thanks again everyone hope to see you all at my next milestones!

The Following 9 Users Say Thank You to xe For This Useful Post:

Xbox (09-29-2018), Adxm (09-28-2018), 412 (09-28-2018), Petite (09-28-2018), Hnaknaw (09-27-2018), Mikey (09-27-2018), Jay (09-27-2018), Moonshine (09-27-2018), Craig (09-27-2018)
#2. Posted:
  • TTG Natural
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Congratulations man!
#3. Posted:
  • E3 2019
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Congrats mah dude.
#4. Posted:
  • Gold Gifter
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Congrats on your first cheese block. See you at your next milestone.
#5. Posted:
  • The Robin
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You mean, you actually got rep in the shoutbox? ...
That's so rare!!
Rep game is weak in there nowadays. I may have to try snatch some myself.

Gratz on the milestone
#6. Posted:
  • Blind Gifter
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congrats on your first cheese block
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Congrats on 100 rep power mate! You will soon be a legend like the rest of the site, give it only 3 months
#8. Posted:
  • TTG Veteran
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Congratulations on 100 rep man, let the fun now begin.
#9. Posted:
  • Blind Luck
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My guy anytime! Congrats on 100 reppski!
#10. Posted:
  • Winter 2016
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Congrats on 100 rep man!
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