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Colzeyy aka Resident ElitePosted:

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Just hit 200 posts!, Im loving being a part of this community, only been on TTG a short time and its been a blast, im also getting close to the gold gifter badge and 100 rep.

TTG community, i love you all, stay awesome

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grats bro, hope to see you in the 600 soon
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Congrats hope to see you post more. +rep
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Well done passing the milestone, good luck in the future reaching new heights.
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On my road to 100 post as well, congrats on 200 man, quarter away from 1,000
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good stuff my bro keep up the good work buddy
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  • Christmas!
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Congrats on 200, see you at 300.
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Congrats on 200 posts! See you at your next milestone
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Congratulations on 200 posts man, your killin it at the moment, just keep it up.
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  • Christmas!
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youre gonna go and leave me soon i bet
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