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I am back.. againPosted:

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Hey TTG, I am back. Sorry I have been so inactive. School plus working and my passion for skateboarding. I just never have time to take a minute and look at the site. This time I am back! Road to 200 post and 20 rep!

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Mikey (09-12-2018), MGCPlays (09-11-2018), Moonshine (09-11-2018)
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Welcome back bro hope to see you stick around this time
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Welcome back again man! Come kick it in the shoutbox.
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Welcome back my dude <3
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Welcome back bud! Feel free to drop by the shoutbox sometime
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Welcome back my guy! Hope you enjoy your stay!
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welcome back
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welcome back man, stay active
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Welcome back my man, everyone has lives out of this so don't worry about that! Hope all is well and stay active
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Welcome back
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