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7 long years herePosted:

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well today marks my 7th birthday here at ttg. I love all you guys, especially bunny and the homies in the sb. Y'all stay golden

Let's also take the time to remember the people who lost their lives and loved ones in the tragedy that was, 9/11.

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Congrats lizard, also almost to 700 rep
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Liz liz lizarddd <3
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Congratulations buddy, keep it going!
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goddamn son i love you, you're the epitome of beautiful, bootyful, and you're juicier than a ButterBall Turkey Breast

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Congrats on 7 years with tekmemes bud. Something one day i wish to hit is these sorta milestones.
Also nearing 700 rep.
See you at the next milestone <3
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congrats on 7 years man
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Ew 7 years

lucky number
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Happy TTG birthday bro
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