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Adam // ModeratorPosted:

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Well, it looks like Sean has taken hostage of me in his basement for an unknown period of time. I don't ask for much, just the occasional bread stick when you feel like it.

It's been an interesting journey that I've had here on TTG over the past 6 years, watching the site evolve and it's an honour to be part of the Staff team. I want to thank everyone that's posted in the PC sections and shoutbox for keeping me entertained over the years. Also, there's a few people that I want to shoutout because without them, there would be no Adam on TTG.


Now if you would excuse me
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Congrats on reaching the ranking of Moderator. I know it has triggered you for god knows how long that my ranking has been the + of yours. Now as of today this is not the case.

I hope you have sworn to protect and serve the well being of TheTechGame and it's members.

Thank you for your service!

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Yes mate, so deserved.

Hard work pays off!! congrats

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Congrats buddy, i saw it coming.

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Nice one brother!
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Huge Congratulations Adam.

I figured this day was coming, you have always been a dedicated TTG user and a nice one to speak to.

Now go make us proud and get that first closed thread.

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Congrats bro!
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Congrats on becoming Moderator, Adam; another person that beats Mikey to that rank.
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Congrats boi
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Congrats on becoming a moderator Adam, I'm so sad Mikey didn't get this but I guess the better man won.
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