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Type of experience?

31.03% (9 votes)
34.48% (10 votes)
34.48% (10 votes)

Total Votes: 29

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I've been pulled and had warnings for little things like illegal tints but nothing major
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Generally by me pretty fair but scare the hell outta me when following me with i have stuff in my car
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A lot of good people but most run ins I have had have been negative. There is a portion of the police who abuse their power in a sense and I think when someone sees that in a community it tarnishes their view of all many of the cops in their area even though its only a minority.
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i have a criminal record but never been arrested. so my experience has been pretty nice, never met an officer what i thought was bad
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Me and a friend ran from the cops in a standard trans modded eclipse one time, banging those gears with red and blue lights behind us until we wrecked doing about 95 and was then arrested at gunpoint

Ahh young and dumb
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quite a few really one was just bs i was riding a bmx bike on the on coming traffic side where i can see the traffic so i got let off with a warning, the rest was also warnings due to being kids once i grew up i never been pulled over or anything like most people say, just be chill with the cops and they wont do stupid sh*t back to you(from experience), so overall my run ins with cops have been positive

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I would get stopped repeatedly for not having a license plate in the front of my car. I'm driving a corvette so usually people have license plates inside their car where their windshield is.

Having it there isn't against the law, but cops would be quick to believe that I didn't have a plate at all. So I would be stopped and would point to where it was in front of my dash on the passenger side and they would say "oh sorry we didn't see it, if you can, to please place it in the front of my car."

After 3 other times of getting stopped it later lead me having to drill 4 holes in the front bumper just to they never have to stop me for something relating to my license plate. All of course were warnings. None written, just verbal. :|
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I've had quite a few, none too serious. In my experience talking to them with respect has gotten me out of every situation.
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There is the good and the bad.

MHO the last time I had encounter with the police I was arrested spend 7 days in jail and are now facing 2 felony charges :/
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IMO, the cops in my home town are as crooked as they can be.
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