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700 reparonis boisPosted:

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Hey all, long time no see. Been going through a lot personally with PTSD and the floods recently hitting my area yet again.

I'm looking to get back into PC gaming in the near future and with that will bring me more activity on this awesome website.

I'm here celebrating the fact I hit 700 rep. Woot. Thanks all.

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Damn dude, hope all is well.

Congrats on the 700 rep!
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Congrats brotha !
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Congrats on 700 rep bro hope to be there soon. See you at your next milestones
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Congrats on the 7 cheese blocks!
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Big congratulations on reaching 0.7k pal
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Grats man coming close to 1k
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Congrats on hitting 700 rep that's quite an achievement
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Congrats on 700 Rep. thanked and Rep added
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Congratulations on 700 rep mate, 300 more for the big 1k.

Unfortunately 700 rep aint a milestone, your next rep milestone will be at 1k.

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