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Hello, my name is Axe!Posted:

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Clearly, Im not new here but I haven't logged into my account in probably 2 years now. Just thought I would make a post and say hey to everyone that I knew here back a few years ago.

If you know who I am, post your old username(s) in the comments cause a lot of you guys have new names.

Anyways, just thought I would come on and say hi.

The Following 15 Users Say Thank You to Axe For This Useful Post:

Federation (08-13-2018), Nodus (08-11-2018), Xbox (08-11-2018), Mikey (08-11-2018), dah (08-11-2018), Godzooky (08-11-2018), Zef (08-11-2018), Adam (08-11-2018), Craig (08-11-2018), Maze (08-11-2018), Knigh (08-10-2018), TTG (08-10-2018), Devil (08-10-2018), Tyler (08-10-2018), Jimbo (08-10-2018)
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Glad to see you come back, like your username too.
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It's almost as if everyone found their passwords under their mousepad on the same day.
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One of the original top posters of the site. Welcome back Axe. I hope this isn't just a one night visit. Looking forward to see you active around the forums as well as the Shoutbox!
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Welcome back man, I remember you!! Still the same username for this bunny.
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Welcome back on

Hope to see you stay active again
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Good too see you come back man!
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Welcome back to the site my man. I hope to see you stay active and get to know you. Make sure to pop in the shoutbox from time to time
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Great to see you back on the site bud. Stay around and be more active would love to hear about your hockey run.
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hey dude welcome back its me JoeyKTTG I use to give free modded lobbies
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