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Is cod ww2 worth getting? why or why not?Posted:

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Ive been considering getting ww2 but just unsure, let me know if i should or shouldnt, will rep if you make a good point.
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Id say yeah. They've pretty much got it spot on now after all the updates and it's a pretty good game even though a lot of people bitch about it, it's a decent game. One of my favourite cods since mw2 imo

If you like boots on the ground then you'll enjoy it. People complain about the maps but I personally think they're decent and the map packs they've released aren't at all bad either. They are just about to add master prestige rewards into the game as well which I've been waiting for a pretty long time. People say it'll be dead when bo4 is released and I believe it won't be, if anything people will go to WW2. It took me a while to get into it that's for sure, uninstalled it a lot of times until I gave it a go then started to get really good at it.

If you want an honest opinion ask on Reddit
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I got it on release date, never liked it but personally never gave it a chance, ended up selling it but I would give it another go
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Game was SHIT when it came out, but w all the new fixes and updates, game is pretty FIRE now.
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Probably the best COD game released since BO2 man all boots on the ground like the classic CODs and already fun to play man I would definitely recommend getting it.
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All you guys saying this game was good, im one of the people bitching about it i just lost interest in it after a few months
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Maybe like 8 months ago! Not now new cod comming soon
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Absolutely not. I started playing it again like a month ago after a 1-2 month break but if you're brand new to the game it's just going to frustrate you. I've been playing since Cod 2/4 and this one isn't worth the money especially now. I have the season pass and have only played the first zombie map like one time, the whole game is sub par.
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i play it now and then on PC. i've kinda out grown COD myself. It's good to go back to now and then though.

If you can get it cheap then sure! get it! It is pretty decent
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If you haven't played it yet it's worth getting, for the zombies alone
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