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Inexpensive projectors ??Posted:

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I was looking to buy a TV and was thinking if I would be a better idea to buy a projector instead for about $350..Would I be able to get a good enough one for that price?..

It would be just to watch movies on really, maybe a few games of Fifa here and there too.

So basically is it worth spending about 350 on a projector or will I have to up my budget ?

Also recommended projectors for that price would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!
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One thing i will say is that i think often the lamps in the projectors need replacing and they are quite expensive as for as i know.

If i were you i would stick with a TV since especially for FIFA i would think playing on a massive screen would be difficult especially considering it wont have a very good response time

Also with a few google searches they seem to have a very large initial cost as well. Even 1080p ones seem to be $500 dollars plus then you have to buy a screen.
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They're a good idea for films/tv, but if you're gonna game on it and want good quality.. $350 won't cut it brother
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Projectors are fairly expensive and once you've gone through 2000 hours on a bulb [bulb and projector dependant] the image starts to get duller and might start flickering which is probably time for a bulb replacement. Projectors output a load of heat too and if the filters aren't cleaned, can be super loud.

Just letting you know what you're getting yourself into if you buy a projector
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