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#51. Posted:
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I'd like to check out gold
Never had it :/

Thank you for the opportunity! <3
#52. Posted:
  • Blind Luck
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gift me k thnx bye
#53. Posted:
  • Blind Gifter
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Count me in!! Since I came back I've gifted around 10 users in the past 2 weeks
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Count me apart of this!


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Life's a garden, dig it.
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skr skrrrr, I would love some gold
#57. Posted:
  • Christmas!
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I would love to enter to win some gold, I haven't had gold In a while but would love to have it once again! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
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I'll enter thanks man
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Ill enter this! Thanks very much bro
#60. Posted:
  • Summer 2019
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Not sure if this is still goin on but if so I am in for it!
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