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Gold Giveway - Good Luck Posted:

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How to enter , posted something funny or just comment.

Congrats to Chat and I-HAVE-AN-XBOX2 you both have won I would like to thank everyone for entering

Ends today at 2:00pm AEST 26/04/2018. - Right now it's 12:49 am for me.

I have changed the time when it ended , instead of ending at 8:00 pm it's now 2:00pm.

Thank you good luck everyone ,

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First to first
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2nd's the new 1st?
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I'd like to enter!!

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I would post something funny but im not funny so heres a comment xD
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Yo! Ive been on TTG for 4 years on many accounts (made this one yesterday) and i have never had a gold experience so i would really appreciate if you could.

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Count me in bro
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I'd like to enter
Good luck to all that enter!
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Count me in bro good luck all
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I'll enter thanks!
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