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#21. Posted:
  • Blind Luck
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I'll enter thanks!
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  • TTG Senior
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Guess i'll try my luck. Appreciate you giving back to the community.
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  • Summer 2019
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Count me in, thank you man
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down below if you'd like to enter.

Best of luck to you all and I will announce the winner in a few days to give everyone a chance to enter

Also don't worry if you don't win this time, I'm hoping to be hosting at least 1 or 2 gold giveaways a month so there will be your chance to win!!

Thanked and repped!
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  • Summer 2018
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Like to enter, thanks
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  • Junior Member
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I will enter. Thanks for the giveaway bro
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  • 2 Million
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I would love to enter.
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  • TTG Senior
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Motto: Don't be a follower be a leader. The Federation control everything! Add me on TTG, you're all my friends! Hit me up if you ever want to game with me on PS4
Good luck everyone!
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  • Summer 2018
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Count me in
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I'll enter in this
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