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How To Get Old Snapchat Back!!Posted:

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I was scrolling through youtube and came across one of my friends videos showing how to get old snapchat back.

I haven't tried it yet cause i like the new update..

Here's the link, let me know if it works for you?

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I know if you download an APK / whatever it's called on IOS, from the internet and install it you can go backwards that way, then just don't update.

- Although I don't know the requirements if this is jail breaks or what, on BlueStacks, you can simply install an APK ( I've tested this, you can go backwards on Snapchat updates and other programs )

- There's websites out there for every single app, with every update, so you can go back as far as you want .
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I wasn't really feeling the new snapchat update at first but its began to grow on me now, will give this a try though to see if it does in fact actually work. Thank you for the tutorial in advance.
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lmk if this works thanks
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I actually like the new update so I won't be trying this, but to anyone looking for old snap, wish yah luck.
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This is just a temporary fix though, isn't it?
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Thank goodness I'll try it
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Im gonna try this hate this new update
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