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GTA VI WishlistPosted:

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It's been almost 5 years since GTA V came out now and I've been thinking about what the next installment of the GTA series is going to have in terms of activities, multiplayer, story, characters, etc..... so I decided to make a wishlist of what I want GTA VI to have. (Note this is only the level surface and I didn't want to make this super long.)

- I want GTA VI to return to Vice City. Vice City is the only city (besides Las Venturas & San Fierro) that
hasn't got the full HD recreation treatment.

- I would like GTA VI to have 3 playable protagonists but to add more character depth into them. I
wouldn't mind a female protagonist as well.

- Have more actual story missions instead of countless fillers and run & chase missions. I don't mind
them but having 75% of your actual story containing them gets annoying really fast.

- I like GTA Online and I want them to still keep it alive, but don't completely abandon single player.
There are a lot of people that still play GTA just for the single player experience.

- Have more weapons, vehicles, and activities with the activities being more entertaining and

- Have more cosmetic options for your protagonists.

- Give the player the ability to customize their property. For example, buying new furniture & electronics
for their houses or apartments & marketing, staff, and security for their businesses.

- Have more vehicle customization and have the ability to customize planes to give them more

Those are just a few from a thousand things I would like GTA VI to have but I want to hear everyone's suggestions for GTA VI. I know that it won't come for many years but it doesn't hurt to make a list of what you would like GTA VI to feature. Leave a comment below and keep it cool and don't bash others for their suggestions.
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I think you are right on the money I like your ideas
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