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Daddy Long Legs - ReviewPosted:

  • The Robin
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Daddy Long Legs

Platform: Android, iOS
Genre: Arcade
Release Date: August 15th, 2015
Developer: Set Snail
Publisher: Set Snail


Take control of a little, hairy creature. Put one leg in front of the other and try not to fall.
Now you can play as either Daddy or Horse, and unlock costumes that makes walking look fabulous!


Probably one of the most frustrating games I've played in my life, Daddy Long Legs allows you to play as a weird looking square with really big and I mean big legs. The whole point of this game is for you to try to walk as far as you can without falling and splitting your head open. This game can become very difficult and frustrating because its all based on timing since you are controlling both of his legs by tapping and sometimes you just can't get his footing right. If you happen to make it far and maybe make it to 10 meters you will be rewarded with some coins that you can go in the shop and purchase yourself an outfit that makes your dude look better. (These outfits do not help you in any way!) Overtime you will also be rewarded with free gI'ves that can gI've you all new outfits or just coins. There are 2 different types of packs, 1 being white and black where you can get coins or just a common outfit, the other being gold gifts where you can get rare outfits and a heck load of coins. You can purchase either one or just wait as I said before. There are daily rewards where you will be challenged with simple things and will be rewarded with gifts and gold. There is also a leaderboard allowing you to compete against other players around the world seeing who can get the farthest in this irritating game. At times, I wanted to throw my phone at the wall because how hard this game gets and the rinse and repeat moments.


The graphics are pretty simple without any details or particular moments that really explode into your face. You will have the chance to see many outfits that have all different looks to them with some actually looking pretty cool and somewhere you'd rather have the default look because it looks so bad. Not going to lie I had a laugh at some outfits that I've unlocked through the game because just how the character wears them gave me a laugh. Probably 70% of the time you'll be looking at a plain old color that's taking over the whole screen and then your character that's all the way to the left that you're controlling. Your character does have little details put into him such as his hair that all over his long ass legs and his square head but that's it. If you beat a high score or complete something significant a small area around you will explode with confetti which actually looks pretty cool in my opinion. Some things I wish they would have done would be make some stuff go on in the background maybe. Make stages that have its own atmosphere for example you'll be placed in a city and you'll have to walk as far as you can on a highway. Or you'll be put on a beach and you'll get to see a huge ocean while you'll try to see how far you can get. This games graphics really didn't catch my attention.

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Now the controls are so easy its just the timing that's so hard about it. The way to control your spider thing is by tapping your screen switching each leg after you tap. The hard part is trying to get the dude to walk because if you put your front leg to far then you'll be doing the splits. If you put your legs too close together then you'll be falling over face first. The game can get really frustrating but if you actually get the timing down you'll be the next sonic. I'm still having troubles with the timing and the momentum of my spider and I've been playing it for around 3 days now. All I have to say is good luck if you're actually going to play this game since I almost broke my phone.


Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 7/10
Controls: 9/10
Overall: 8.8/10

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Mikey (12-04-2017)
#2. Posted:
  • Winter 2019
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This actally looks like a fun game, might have to try this out.

Thanks for the review mate

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Downloading It Now , Nice Job On Review
#4. Posted:
  • Download Master
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Looks like a scary ass game.

I'll give it a go tho, thanks for this and nice review!
#5. Posted:
  • Summer 2018
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This game pissed me off when I had it on my iPad
#6. Posted:
  • TTG Elite
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Awesome tutorial for such a bullocks game lol.
#7. Posted:
  • Senpai
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i played this games lots man i love it XD
#8. Posted:
  • Ladder Climber
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Reminds me of a game I played awhile ago but I can't remember the name of the game! Once again thank you for sharing
#9. Posted:
  • Blind Gifter
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Nice review man, reminds me of that athlete one with the 2 legs you have to move forward and make them run

Btw here's a daddy long leg meme

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#10. Posted:
  • Summer 2020
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haha looks kinda fun and interesting
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