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I dont think the forum has died its just that the gaming section isnt as big as it once was but the overall site activity it still active with a lot of people.
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I mean, like a million more users have signed up since them days with people joining every day. It might seen less active because the modding side of things has died down. Which is the main reason people came to thetechgame, was for the modding. The site is still active as it was, just without the constantly active modding threads. As said above, it will be thriving with active users, new and old when next gen becomes modded
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It goes without saying that TTG had a prime whenever the MW2 lobbies and JTAGs were catching on like wildfire. But, this site is still plenty active with loads of new topics and threads every day. Not just Off-Topic, but people in the gaming scene are still looking for buddies, games, opinions, etc. This is an all around site. I believe it has something for everyone.
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Like madz was saying don't get the wrong ideal there's always users on here , Maybe not in the mw2 section but were Always here !
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If anything its more active now then from back in the day, ovs the cod section back in the day was filled with modding threads and tons of topics being made asking for mods but thats about it lol.

Just like if the xbox one some day become Jtagable, we would see the modding section lit asf again lol.
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I think the website is more active now than it was before. Just because it isn't all about modding doesn't mean the website isn't active.
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there just needs to be modded lobbies on xbox one and ps4 but they are almost impossible to hack
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Some of you are delusional or don't remember. Used to there was a recent posts box on the home page or something. Literally every single one of the last 10 posts was from a minute ago. Now sometimes you can go 10 minutes without a post.
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Problem with that is with the amount of members that used to flood the forums with spam was unreal

In terms of proper user activity, not spam, the forums are more active IMO.

It probably gets a lot less traffic than it used to, but still active.

My own speculation and opinion here, not factual
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tbh ill be real for once here

short story: it isnt. it will never be. but that isnt the fault of anyone, if anything, its amazing it still has a load of active members

this site was created with a huge emphasis on modded lobbies/call of duty 10th prestige mods etc

these dont really exist anymore with mw2 and cod4 being ancient history and xbox one patching most exploits

the fact people are still here is pretty amazing and tbh i hope this site exists for as long as possible cause even 6 years in it provides me and many others with a load of entertainment
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