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#241. Posted:
  • E3 2017
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I'll enter! Can never have enough gold ;)
#242. Posted:
  • V5 Launch
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Yo thanks for doing this buddy, wish i had spare money laying around so i could gift people or even buy for myself but when you get a car things change aha thanks though dude!
#243. Posted:
  • Halloween!
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Enter if you already haven't?
#244. Posted:
  • Winter 2018
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dah wroteEnter if you already haven't?

I'll enter if allowed ;)
#245. Posted:
  • Christmas!
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Count me in bud
#246. Posted:
  • TTG Senior
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Its a win, win situation.
Good luck everyone
#247. Posted:
  • TTG Veteran
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Still waiting to be gifted mate
#248. Posted:
  • Wise One
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I'll enter my last night of gold rip

Thanks for giveaway
#249. Posted:
  • Winter 2017
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I'll enter if there's still time
#250. Posted:
  • Gold Gifter
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Wouldn't mind a never ending supply of gold, which is why i enter these

Not sure how any could deserve gold tbh, every deserves a chance for some/more though! Suppose I have given out to the community over the years, especially this year with a nice few achievements i have gained
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