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probably one of the best feelings in the world Congrats! on the new baby boy and Congrats on becoming a father

make sure your always there for him! never want to miss a moment of his life
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Congratulations man!!
All the best!
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Congrats brother
My son was born yesterday at 36 weeks and weighed the same as your son. 8lbs 1oz.

Wish you nothing but the best for you and yours.
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Congratulations on to you and your wife on becoming a father and mother. Glad Teddy is healthy and well, massive responsibility but I'm sure you and your wife will be great parents
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Not sure why, but I love this post~

Glad to see you're so excited and wanted to share
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Congratulations on being a dad an having a precious new born baby
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Grats bud, have fun with the sleepless nights for the next few years...
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Congrats on being a father.
See you with another new born next week.
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Congratulations !!
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