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WHAT has this world come to?Posted:

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So i dont know if you guys have this problem at your schools but the Freshman in my school find it very satisfying to drink niquil like its some sort of drink. They literally drink straight up bottles of it like idiot and think its cool and that its a drug.
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That's because Nyquil is a cough syrup, typically used in what is called "lean" (or purple drank).

Scratch that. Nyquil does not contain codeine. I have no idea why the hell they're chugging Nyquil.
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smh.. drinkin nyquill LMFAOOOO not even actual lean
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That's what kids think are ''cool' now a days smh.
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some guy in my school died from lean
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That must be the new thing even when I went to school kids were doing that
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Its bad when I'm 19 and have to say that kids are utterly stupid.
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The world is already overpopulated so drink up "cool kids".
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Idiots, the one kid I worked with drank a few bottles of DayQuil and NyQuil and was super messed up.
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Don't even know what drink that is xD
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