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For all you gym goers out there (help)Posted:

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I've always been the make shift home gym kind of guy, however I don't know how to work out. I've upgraded from a 2x6 and cinder blocks to a cheap bench press with 400 lbs of weights that also has some leg work out thing (I think?)

Anyway, I hear about these guys spending at least 30 mins at the gym and I was just curious to know what your normal routine is and what a good routine might be for me.

I'm 5'9, dropped from 250 down to 232 LBS and all I'm looking to do is build physical strength to aid me in my job (picking up heavy fixtures and moving them). I have plenty of strength but I can still add to it so that's kind of my main goal.
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For just building pure strength I have heard of the 5x5 program which is pretty self explanatory 5 sets of 5 reps with heavy weight, but I have never done a 5x5 program as I usually like to go 3x4 really heavy as I feel it works better for me for results. You have a pretty good size to you so that should help.
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If you are looking to build strength than just do compound lifts such as deadlifts, chest press and squat.
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I tend to do my normal workout but progressive overload, push yourself to lift heavier weights.

I also follow [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] on FaceBook. He does all different exercises and explains them. Very helpful in my opinion.
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If your main goal is strength I would follow a routine that falls more in the line of powerlifting doing full body 3 times a week. If you are overweight I would recommend cutting first and getting rid of all the fat before lifting and bulking. The only reason you can lift so much already is because you are 5'9 at 232lbs.
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As others have said, if building up strength is your aim then working towards being able to lift something that may seem way too heavy for you is the right way to go.

Strength is as much to do with your legs as it is your upper body, So make sure you have an even ratio of legs:upper in your workout. Since you're using a home gym you obviously don't have access to such things as leg press, cable cross etc.. The best thing to do is look at workouts that involve minimal equipment. You say you have about 180Kg in weights for your bench press, here's what i'd suggest.

Take whatever you can lift at the moment, and deduct 20kg as a warm up. This will allow you to train your chest for longer as you're not starting immediately on a heavy weight.
Then add on that 20kg to do a further 3 sets, my recommendation is to do sets of 12 or 15 or 20.
Then for your 4th and final set, add on either 5kg to each side or 10kg and see how many you can do before your arms turn to jelly.

As for your legs, Just take your bar from your bench press and do squats, these will help build your quads, calves and hamstrings and are an ideal leg workout.
As for your weight, you don't necessarily need to lose any unless you are working towards a more toned body or a more aesthetically pleasing one. I myself was quite large, lost a bit of weight and converted the rest to muscle.

Hope this helps and good luck on your training!
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