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Guess next users zodiac signPosted:

  • Winter 2016
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Ill start,

I'm a capricorn

I'm guessing cancer
#2. Posted:
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nopeee. guesing gemini
#3. Posted:
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No Aquarius , guessing leo.
#4. Posted:
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Nope Scorpio, guessing Aquarius
#5. Posted:
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Snow wrote Nope Scorpio, guessing Aquarius

Incorrect, cancer.

I am gonna guess cancer.
#6. Posted:
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False I'm gonna guess pisces
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Bih wroteFalse I'm gonna guess pisces

I'm guessing Aquarius?
#8. Posted:
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Nope, leo.

I will guess cancer.
#9. Posted:
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idk what these are but from the others ill just guess leo
#10. Posted:
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Hey you got it

Ima guess the omega looking one
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