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(Rookie) Building a gaming PC advice needed.Posted:

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I'm going about building a gaming PC especially for games such as Skyrim and Fallout 4 and obviously specs will have to be good?

If you could give me a brief outline on prices etc that would be much appreciated, thank you
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We can't tell you a price point as that is open to everything. We could build you a PC that just barely gets buy for those games at 720p that could run you roughly $300-$400 or we could build you a PC that could run those games at 4k settings with as many mods as you want and have you spending anywhere from $1500+ or just slap together an overkill PC that runs you $3k or more.

Your best bet is getting a concrete budget that works for you. We can't tell you how much you need to spend as we don't know your money situation; that's something that only you will know.

Once you have that figured out, some information is needed to help with your build.

- Budget and currency.
- Will this be used for anything other than gaming (editing videos, music production, ect.)
- Are there any other games you wish to play other than just these 2?
- Do you plan to overclock?
- Do you need peripherals (mice, keyboard, headphones/headsets, monitor, ect.)
- If you need any peripheral(s) are they included in your budget or are separate?
- If you have a monitor, what resolution are you currently playing at?
- Do you need an OS?
- Any aesthetics you personally care about? (Case colour, case type [tempered glass, regular, side widow] hardware colour such as black/red, ect.)
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