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I see this coming in useful for taxi drivers (at least her in the UK anyway) they are required by law to not wear a seat belt when someone is sitting in the front seat just in case they pull a knife or something but apart from them this is just stupid.
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Lmao, what's wrong with people?!
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This seems like one of those new breed of memes where people give stupid advice like it's great advice.
Like that one where they suggest using a raw chicken breast to lift dust and crumbs out of hard to reach places, like a keyboard.
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I'm about to buy that right now tbh. Me and my uncle repo for a living so we don't wear seat belts cause we get in and out of the truck so much. And then the damn dinging makes me wanna blow the truck up. Thanks for sharing this though
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Banff-_- wroteCould actually be useful in some situations

What situations?

If your car is moving that is when it will beep, this is when you're driving. Why endanger your life?

I get it, it's annoying and maybe it beeps too early, but to be honest everybody who takes part in Motorsport will not take a seat belt for granted. And so should public road users.
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Lmfao, I bet a Trump supporter
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Natural selection at its finest I tell you.
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I'm not sure what to say about this, someone isn't the brightest chap xD
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