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GS7 Edge Plus Thoughts

So, i noticed that there's alot of rumours surrounding the S7 and its Edge variant. Despite all the "Hype" there is very little in the way off GS7 Edge Plus. No benchmarks have been leaked unlike the other devices so my question is why? Do you think the Plus variant will be released at MWC 2016 and if so why do you think so few rumours have been shared?
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I'm interested in the s7 as my 2-year contract of s5 will be over soon! so excited!
Im 100% sure S7 will be released this year, some sources end of February

As rumours, the following.

    Lower back camera pixel but better lens and larger sensor, for low light shooting
    Dust and Water resistant like the s5
    Liquid cooling [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
    Will come in Black, White, Silver and Gold
    Could have 5.1-5.7 inch screens, different variants
    come in 4 variants, Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Plus, Galaxy S7 edge & Galaxy S7 edge Plus


    It will have Qualcomms Snapdragon 820/Exynos 8990
    Will have USB-C
    4K resolution
    4GB RAM
    Removable Battery
    Will have microSD slot

Rumours so finger cross.
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The fact that companies keep upping the resolution is 100% evidence that they are greedy. People will pay more for the resolution. For most things, 1080p is fine. I should know because I have a supposed 1440p Galaxy S6 but it doesn't really matter other than for youtube videos which doesn't matter too much anyways.

I am excited though for internal upgrades like the CPU and RAM of the phones, those definitely make a difference as long as Samsung's software holds up.
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Should have taken an extra few months to come up with something "new" not upgraded.
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yh true TBH i think s7
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