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  • Gold Gifter
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My dream job I always wanted to be since I can remember was to be a lorry driver.. I used to have tops with lorries on them as well as lorry toys instead of car toys.. Not that dark but it's nothing I never share
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  • V5 Launch
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i plan on soaking in a bath of petroleum jelly then sliding around my floor to live my dream of being a slug.
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I never kissed a girl other than my mom

Oh gf
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  • Video King
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The RepFairy is my cousin.
.. so who is my uncle?
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  • Senpai
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I hacked the The RepFairy
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  • Summer 2018
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A secret huh, well, ive always wanted to swim in burgers.
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  • TTG Legend
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Sometimes I like to flop around on my hardwood floor and pretend that I am a beached wale.
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I farted in class and blamed it on my boi next to me.

Sorry guy!!!

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