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  • Winter 2017
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Greg wrote
Well, with this post I am glad to say I have finally reached 6,000 posts :wat:
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Was aiming to get this milestone before the end of the year is out and somehow I managed it... As always the last 10 posts were the worst. I want to say thank you to the following people for putting up with me and making me feel welcome on the site
Craig (Thanks for rep ;) )
Sean (spoken to you a lot recently, mostly about V5...Cannot wait for the update to happen)
4est (Whatever name you have at the moment)
BULLETSTORM (Thanks for rep <3)
Any other Staff friends I talk to when I need help with something
Anyone else on my friends list that I actually talk to

Site stats ('Cause according to Craig I am a stat whore)
6,000 posts
816 rep
3700 Thanks
3783 useful posts, 169 unuseful posts
262 gifts of gold

Pretty much it for this milestone guys, I will see you all back here for my next milestone which will probably be 4,000 thanks unless something unforseen happens before that point. Fare well and wish you all the best over the holiday period!

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the biggest spammer on TTG congrats. Lol you need to gift more members to catch up to 416 gifts lol
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No more milestones from you
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Congrats on 6k my friend, keep up the great work
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Congrats on the big 6k

Amazing stats. Keep it up buddy
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Congrats on 6k posts, Im a little more than half way there, maybe Ill get there eventually.
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pft no fanks for the skatertg ;)
Congrats man on having 0% spam post<3u
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  • Summer 2018
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Congratulations on your milestone, woah that's one hell of a milestone.
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  • 2 Million
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congrats on 6k man. Keep it real always
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  • Halloween!
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Congrats Greg,

Achieved so much in your time here that it's crazy!

See you at 7k.
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Congrats on 6K posts Greg , the same i said to Mickers , don' t spam to hard or i will beat you up *showoffbiceps1*
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