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opinions ? what can i improve onPosted:

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anything i can do to improve, its for a minecraft network for my friend
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The big letters at the top.. I cant see them, also needs a better design on the text.
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I think a background is in order to improve this by a lot
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Can hardly read the words up top.
I would get rid of the ugly texture on it.
Or just stick with 2D text so it'll actually look good.

The background is too flat and boring.
It's just flat black. At least have a subtle gradient.

The "hypticraft" text is way too close to the "Coming June 1" text. Get some space in between them.

Also try to stick with a color scheme...
The top text is red/black
The characters are blue/brown
The bottom text is gray/orange...

That's too many colorssss.
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Illustrated put it the best way possible I couldn't put it any better but change the top font and colors it's so hard to read
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Change the background make it a gray gradient.
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