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Oh trust me! its worst in brazil! check this this is just ... crazy man

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They are in ireland aswell !! They are horrible creatures.
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6th one so far :/

I know the camera is really bad but this thing was huge
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I'd capture one of these and put it in my mums bed
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Why did I click this topic :'(
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Jesus... I hate spiders. I can't imagine those things being in my room :0. Good thing I live in the us
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Dang UK,

You are screwed

Better pull out the bug spray
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Sociopath wroteIts the government doing it!! paranoid mode on.

I hate those little devils.

sometimes when i wake in the morning i have random spider bites on my arms and legs
I think it because when i was a kid i would burn spiders with a magnified glass
and so they are getting revenge when i sleep.

Jesus you really are a sociopath
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I don't mind spiders but he'll some of these are big I know I'm sick but I enjoy burning them lmao as well as pullin there legs of looks like they have come for there revenge #spiders on roids
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This is one of the very few times I'm glad I live in America...
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