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Sanicball - ReviewPosted:

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Release Date: May 18, 2014
Developers: BK-TN (reddit)
Publishers: BK-TN
Platforms: Windows
Genres: Arcade, race


Sanicball is a stupid, silly game that throws away complex gameplay mechanics, character progression and microtransactions in favor of pure fast.

It features the all the latest dumb internet memes thrown together in a blender to form a truly europhoic experience. This wasnt the original intention but it ended up happening anyway.

However, the game is still under heavy development and contains loads of bugs and unfinished content. Tears will be shed.


So, Sanicball is one of the dumbest/funniest games I have ever played I have never laughed harder at a game before then this. Like the Synopsis says "Tears will be shed" isn't wrong, it is one of the funniest and dumbest games I have ever played. Just playing with all the characters and how dumb they look are hilarious, and when you just get to the home screen seeing Sanic (Sonic) faces is amazing. I love this game just because of how stupid it is. If you ever wanna laugh or have a good time playing a game play Sanicball. You will not regret it. Or you may regret, but I didn't regret playing it just due to the stupidity of the game. But play this game, you will be laughing so much, some of the characters names are pretty dumb but funny at the same time here are some of the names, Sanic, Super Sanic, Sulver, Knackles, Ame Roes. Theres more but I forget the names of all of them. But this game is probably one of the dumbest games you will ever play, but its worth it. Like completely worth it. Don't regret playing this as this game was just made for fun you can't really get upset at it if its dumb or something, as it was made for fun if the developer made this but not for fun then you can get upset due to some bugs. But other then that those few bugs the game is fun, dumb and enjoyable. This game is a meme related game so the names are based off of the memes. If you don't like this game due to the names who cares just have fun playing this game. As I said before this game will make you shed tears, as I sure did, played it for about 20 mins was dying of laughter. Never played a game that made me laugh that much ever. But go play this game, you won't regret it.


The graphics for this game aren't that bad actually. They are surprisingly pretty good, just the faces of the characters are dumb and funny looking, but other then that the graphics are pretty good. He could change some stuff with some of the maps but its still good nonetheless. Lets talk about the Characters, they are just circles that have very funny faces, like Sanic he has a really dumb face but thats the point. The graphics for the characters are very basic but he shouldn't have to try and impress people with the graphics for this game, he should only be impressing people with the levels, like Rainbow Road? Which is a pretty hard level, but he did fairly good job with the graphics for levels, he doesn't really have to make it super fancy but decently good. So for this guy actually making maps and characters is quite funny that he did that. Some of the levels are actually good. Like the map Green Hill Zone, that's a good map he made. Is other maps are, Dusty Desert, Rainbow Road and a few more that I sadly don't remember the names to. But the maps are all made good. Especially the Mountain map? I forget what the name is but, that map is made very good, for a game like this as well as some Fire map. Those 2 maps are made great! Green Hill Zone, Dusty Desert and Rainbow are also very good maps, they are made pretty good. He could have added more to Dusty Desert to make it more challenging but still a good map, same goes with Rainbow Road, could have made it longer and added obstacles but didn't but it's still a good map nonetheless.
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The controls for this game are actually surprising pretty hard. Turning is challenging when you're first playing the game. Moving forward and that stuff is very simple, stopping is easy, just turning is the hardest to do, as you have to use WASD to turn. Or the arrows, I don't remember them 100% but its pretty hard to remember how to turn, but once you know what to do its very easy to turn and do and all that. The controls I would say are pretty challenging I would like them to be a bit easier when it comes to turning but I don't know really see how else you're gonna have to turn, so it kinda sucks. But other then that the controls are good and easy to use, besides turning everything is great! I wouldn't really recommend changing anything other then turning but I already said that. Using certain characters like Super Sanic its very challenging to controls as he goes so fast. I can barely control him just because he can so fast. But when you do use Super Sanic he does some play some good music. Back on topic now, the controls for every character is good other then Super Sanic as he goes so fast so its nearly impossible to finish a lap in less then 5 minutes, unless you actually somehow know how to use Super Sanic and can finish a lap in less then 3 minutes then bravo to you. If you use any other character like Sanic or something you should be able to finish a lap easily as it is a lot easier to control him then Super Sanic. But other then that controls are decent to use, just gotta tweak Super Sanic so you can use him easier.


Gameplay - 10/10
Graphics - 8/10
Controls - 7/10
Overall - 9/10


I did this review for fun, so if it is bad I apologize but this game was to good to miss the opportunity.
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