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Adventures of Shuggy - ReviewPosted:

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Adventures of Shuggy

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Release Date - June 15, 2011
Developers - Smudged Cat Games
Publishers - Valcon
Platforms - Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Genres - Puzzle Platform Game


he game begins with the vampire Shuggy inheriting a haunted Scottish mansion from his grandfather. In order to make it a livable space he must evict the undesirable creatures currently living in it. To do so he must collect all the gems in a given room to acquire a key. The keys are spread across five areas: The Dungeon, The Boiler Room, The Gallery, The Graveyard and The Clocktower. Once all keys are obtained Shuggy can evict the evil tenants and claim his mansion.


This game is very fun and very aggravating. Me, I personally like it. This game has a nice challenge to it. I feel like the challenges are easy and hard, well some can be very difficult, the others can be very easy. Me, I personally like the missions where you got a timer to do stuff, as in a ghost you could say replicates everything you did for the 60 seconds. Those challenges are a lot more fun then the other ones as its all about strategy, but those can be very annoying at times as well, I like them and don't like them at the same time. There are other type of challenges like just normal ones where you have to get all of the gems to beat it. There's another where you have a bot or AI to help you out, those levels tend to be a lot easier then the other due to the help, but the level may vary. As I said earlier I do like the challenges but the hardest for me to do are the ones where you have to flip the level, as like click a certain and spin it. You have to get all the gems to you and well... These levels are very challenging to do. But other then that the challenges are fun to do. But I feel like they did a good enough job with this. It can get boring fast but it's a game to play to waste time. But if you do get bored it's because you can't beat a certain level, but once you beat it you shouldn't be bored anymore (well I think so). The game doesn't really need a fixing at all, there's really no bugs or anything in the game. I think that the game can be very fun at first then get boring really fast when you're stuck. The challenges though some could be harder and some could be easier, as in the ones where you gotta get the gems to you, they could at least make it so there isn't so many gems in the level, because once you're almost done with the level then die oh boy can be that be upsetting... Happened to me a few times.


The graphics for this game are very good, I don't see anything that bad with them to be honest. There's not much you can fix with them other then making them more pretty, but it's already pretty enough. But the graphics in my opinion are very good. There's a certain level where 4 fire things make a giant one and it looks amazing! I personally love the graphics for this game. If I had to say something about the graphics that had to be fixed or well look better it would have to be the doors, because it doesn't look the greatest but it's still decent nonetheless. I like how the graphics are with some of the stuff, because sometimes when stuff are fast the graphics tend to not be that good but it's still good when its going fast paced. But there are some things I don't like about the graphics just one thing though, that is the doors, they look good and all but could use a bit more work. They just look really plain, just one use of a color and a different for a bit of shading. Other then that there's nothing else to really complain about. But the graphics like I said are good. But the graphics on the character are good. Nothing is bad with it at all, your little helper you get on some levels looks good as well. Some of the objects look good, like the gems for instance they look great! Certain objects don't look that good though but those ones are usually the ones that move around really fast. But other then that, like I said plenty of times, the graphics are good.
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The controls for this game are fairly simple. Nothing to hard to remember. But if you haven't played the game in a while it can be confusing on what you use but once you remember it you wont forget it unless you stop playing the game for a while like I did. Took me some time to remember them, but back on topic. The controls can be very easy to remember, if you have troubles remembering them then the game is gonna be hard to play. As you wanna remember them if you play it. But you shouldn't be able to forget the controls while playing the game, if you do well the game is gonna very challenging, but the controls like I said are very easy to remember. There's nothing they should fix or add due to the controls being so easy to remember. But if I would have to add something for the controls it'd be something where you can see how to do a certain level, so you would press like 1 or something. It would make the level easier but it would be a good add on to the game. But the controls I don't have any issues with them, they are very easy to remember. But it can get quite confusing when you go back on it and think you're using the arrow keys when you're not. But once you remember it, you're good to go after that. The controls don't need any fixing either. If they were to fix or change it to the Arrow keys I would be ok with that. Other then that nothing needs to be added or removed or fixed with the controls, as they are so easy to remember.


Gameplay - 8.5/10
Graphics - 9.5/10
Controls - 10/10
Overall - 9/10
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