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The Cat Lady - ReviewPosted:

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The Cat Lady

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Release Date: December 1, 2012

Developers: Harvester Games

Publishers: Screen 7

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Genres: Adventure Game


The Cat Lady is a graphic adventure game developed by Remigiusz Michalski, released on December 2012 in English. It is an indie game made using Adventure Game Studio. In May 2013, an Italian version was released by Zodiac Store. On May 4, 2013 an album was released featuring music in the game by Warmer, 5iah and Tears Of Mars.


So the game The Cat Lady is a fun and fantastic game to play, I loved this game when I played it. The main character, Susan Ashworth is a funny character once in a while and can be very serious when she wants to be. This game can be a funny game and at the same time be disgusting and sad. Susan has some sad stories that she tells but its very frequent when she tells them as she is more secretive about stuff then most people are. I like this game because of, Susan is quite the character in this game. She then meets someone named Mitzi Hunts who she talks to about stuff. Mitzi can be a funny character at times and at the same time she does have her sad stories. This game does have it unexpected turns which at some points got me upset. There were certain times where I got angry at this game due to the unexpected turns. But nonetheless the game was still great. Susan can be really rude when she wants to be, she does also be rude to Mitzi at some times which gets me upset once in a while. While, Susan can be rude to others it can be quite enjoyable to hear some of the stuff she says to them. Mitzi can also be rude and its quite funny to hear what shes says once in a while. This an all round fun game to play. What you do in this game is find these "Parasites" there are 5-7 of them? Susan tried to kill herself but someone named "Queen of Maggots" told her that she wont be die, until she kills these "parasites". Once she kills the Parasites she can go in peace.


So you are a girl named, Susan Ashworth that wants to kill herself, and so she does kill herself. But after she killed herself she met someone named "Queen of Maggots" she told her that she will be reincarnated and will live forever if she doesn't want to live she has to kill these 5-6 parasites. These parasites are odd people. After a bit you meet someone named, Mitzi Hunt who is trying to find the guy that made her boyfriend kill himself. So, Susan is helping her by finding the guy. They tell each other stories. Susan then tells Mitzi that she used to have a husband and a kid together, but the husband, "Eric" killed himself as the baby died, Susan told, Mitzi the whole story and that story was very sad. Susan then asked her why shes here in which, Mitzi told her why "I came here to find the person that made my boyfriend kill myself". So, Susan wanted to help her, Mitzi then told her that she has cancer, Susan felt upset for her, then Mitzi asked her a personal question if she has ever tried to commit suicide. Susan then answered and told her "yes I have tried". After a bit Mitzi was talking to Susan again and told her about the guy that made her boyfriend kill himself lived in the same apartment as her. She didn't know what floor it was but she knew it was the same apartment as she found out by doing something. So they looked for him and found one guy that didn't answer her and was rude, so they figured it was him and they were gonna lure him out of his apartment. As which they did. Skip ahead now, Susan has killed all the Parasites and Mitzi found out who killed her boyfriend, but there are multiple endings that can happen and I don't wanna say any.


The graphics for this game are great! There aren't many things that doesn't have to be fixed. Besides the Cat's walking and the people talking the graphics are great! I don't feel like anything has to be fixed with the graphics besides those. Some of the graphics are greatly done. Like I mean greatly done. The game isn't really that old but it has good some graphics to it. I like these graphics as they are nice and smooth and don't like bad at all. They spent time making the Meat, Brains and other various amazingly good. Now, the one thing I don't like about the graphics or Animation you could say is the cat's walking. That's the number 1 thing I don't like about them. I feel like they aren't really moving at all. But the Cat's look really good nonetheless just the walking looks weird and out of place. But certain things I do like about the graphics is the blood on the doors some of the skulls, the mirror just simple things like that are what make these graphics look good! Once in a while they can pull off a weird feeling and that's great as well! Like for example when you're in the asylum you could say you take these sleeping pills and then you have a dream and the feeling they pulled off the dream was amazingly good!
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The controls for this game are very easy as it tells you what key to press so its very simple to get used to the controls on this game. One thing I like about the controls for this game is that it tells you what key to press when doing certain things. I feel like that is something that helps me the most playing this game. If it wasn't there I would remember it but it'd take some time to remember it. There were certain things that I didn't like and that is when you're talking to someone I don't remember what the controls were, I forgot once in a while. That's one thing I didn't like about the controls. The controls were fairly simple to get use to though, as I did say I forgot what key to press when talking to people, but eventually I remembered it. The Controls for this game are actually easy to remember if you play it enough, if you don't well you might have a hard time remembering the controls. While this game had some up and downs with the controls the controls were still very easy to get used to. I like these controls a lot as some of it tells you what key to press, and if it doesn't you can easily remember it. So the controls have a good rating from me as they were easy and somewhat difficult to remember.


Gameplay - 10/10

Graphics - 9/10

Controls - 8.5/10

Overall - 9/10

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