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Super Hexagon - ReviewPosted:

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Super Hexagon

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Release Date: iOS August 31, 2012

Developers: Terry Cavanagh

Platforms: Windows, OS X, GNU/Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10

Genre: Action, Twitch


Super Hexagon is an independent action twitch video game developed by Terry Cavanagh and scored by Niamh Houston (credited as "Chipzel"). Originally released for iOS in September 2012, versions for Windows and OS X were released 3 months later on Steam, an Android version was released in January 2013, and BlackBerry and Linux versions followed in February 2013. The game is based on an earlier game by Terry Cavanagh, Hexagon, which was created for a twelve hour game jam in early 2012.


Super Hexagon is a fun and upsetting game, this game will get you excited when you beat a level. But once you get to a level that's hard you will hate this game with a passion. You are a Triangle in a Hexagon and you're trying to make sure you get through the Hexagon, that means no hitting the walls, once you hit a wall you die so you have to restart that level which can be very frustrating. You have to survive for 60 seconds without hitting a wall, at times it can be frustrating, but once you beat a certain level you can easily beat that level. There are 6 levels, the last one is the most frustrating one out of all of them. The levels are Hexagon, Hexagoner, Hexagonest, Hyper Hexagon, Hyper Hexagoner and Hyper Hexagonest. The first 3 is somewhat easy. The last three are really challenging. Super Hexagon consists of learning everything. Like learning turns and how fast to go etc. Once you get a thing going for a level, it will be a piece of cake to do. Once you beat the level and get 60 seconds if you get to 60 seconds the level becomes the Hyper one of it which is fun to do so for instance if i'm doing the Hexagon level and get 60 seconds it will turn into the Hyper Hexagon level. This is quite challenging to do, but its fun to do as well, some levels can be very difficult once you hit 60 seconds, like the Hexagonest level once you hit 60 seconds the level will become almost impossible to beat. If you want to go for a challenge I would recommend trying to get 60+ seconds on a level.


The Graphics on Super Hexagon are very good in my opinion of a game that can get very fast. The graphics are just great. The graphics can hurt your eyes, though, like the last level can really hurt your eyes after a bit, but if you're not used to the game the game will for sure hurt your eyes the first few times you play it. Though some levels can hurt your eyes after playing it for too long the graphics are still good. The game has given me a headache before due to it going so fast. But nonetheless great graphics on this game. When you play this game though make sure you have played games that are fast are and somewhat colorful so this game doesn't hurt your eyes. But the graphics for this game are really good but as I say this game can hurt your eyes, it can if you're not used to playing games that are bright. But the graphics could maybe use some more work on it but other then that good graphics on this game!
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The controls for this game are perfect and easy to remember! You should be able to memorize this the first time you play or the second time you play. If you can't remember the controls, or find it hard to remember them then this game is pretty much impossible for you. This game has easy controls for you, just the arrows on the keyboard that's it. Now if the game were to add something where the game could make the game a bit easier as in use different to do different like if you hit then enter button if you flip you around. But that would only work if you could choose the game to be easier. If it were to be like that then the game would more than likely be too easy. As I said the controls are very easy to pick up the first or second time playing this game. This game is very basic when it comes to the controls though but I like it. The easier the better. I wouldn't mind if they added something where it made a level easier by clicking a certain key or something but that would make the game easier.


Gameplay - 8/10

Controls - 10/10

Graphics - 9.5/10

Overall - 9/10

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