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NewYork 2 year member | Love List IncludedPosted:

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So i made 2 years on TTG, a couple days late, but oh well! Havent been that active in a looong time. I came back and my friends list was cut in half </3

I like to say that im back, but im not too much. I come on here and lurk every so often, but i probably wont be that active for a while.


Not being banned

Thank (Love) List

Reveal- Mate you are hilarious in your own way. "Shut up Oakland"
Seem- Or what ever the **** your name is now. Your awesome mate, make sure Team Swaggy stays together
HmmmmNinjas- Dude you killed me to tutorial king, havent even gotten it yet lel, but youre fun to talk to and chill m8.

Everyone else: Its been so long i dont really remember much, you know who you are, and message me, and i'll make sure to put a little something something on this post.

If i looks like i made this post in 5 minutes...i did.

Happy Holidays :xmas:

The Following 5 Users Say Thank You to -NewYork- For This Useful Post:

else (12-24-2013), Reveal (12-14-2013), Ever (12-13-2013), Brigand (12-13-2013), Halo (12-13-2013)
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Congrats on the 2 years man.
Been a long time since we last talk to each other.
Its Caprice that your referring to as "Seem" btw.
Hope to see at your next milestone.
Hurry up and earn Tutorial King already!
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well well fgt... u finly decided to come bck. u sir are defntly a 2 yr membr. i vouch.
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Word, congrats on sticking here for 2 years.

By the way, we beat your Knicks tonight. :trollin:
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Congratulations on 2 years bud. Good luck on 3.
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Congratulations on 2 years! Hopefully there's many more to come!
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congratulations on not being banned and on reaching 2 years
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Congrats on 2 Year member.

Keep submitting those tutorials aight? aight l8
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Congratulations dude on the 2year member continue to stay active and reach 3!!!
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well done keep up the good work Bro
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