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I like that all the members are quite nice with a few exceptions of course but overall it is because I get to meet people from around the world without actually leaving my home... I found out what a Chav is and am starting to learn more about the... internet XD.

Merry Christmas!
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What do you enjoy about The Tech Game? Why do you keep coming back to the website we've all grown to love?

TTG is my go-to for anything technology related. I especially love the "News" section, so much useful information is in there. My hats off to the admins and moderators that make that section so useful.
I first came to TTG for the 10th prestige lobbies, and lurked around only that section. But i became more active and discovered that there is alot of wonderful people here. Became friends with many people, and eventually got to the point where i started giving back to the community. Gifting people, doing GFX, ande even started hosting my own COD 4 and MW3 lobbies. But what I enjoy most about TTG is the community. I love seeing random acts of kindness such as this. It shows how TTG has one of the best online communities there is. This truly lovely what you guys are doing with this contest, and i hope all can have fun during the holidays.

Happy Holidays everyone :xmas:
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I am posting to let you know I am going to give away little things up until Christmas day. On Christmas Day I will gift 10 people gold membership. This will even be open for gold members.

I hope everyone enjoys the festive holiday
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What do you enjoy about The Tech Game? I enjoy the chance to socialise and interact with other users from around the globe just on a single website.
Its gives me a chance to open up and talk to other due to the fact im quite shy and have been quite the 'individual' guy throughout my life. I love being able to read other people s posts and try to help them in the process. I can get help, information, generally told whats right and wrong. I also love how the staff/commoniuty is... Its just great how we all help each other and the TTG staff holds these awesome events as we can see here. Also the fact that its not just the 'Cod Glitching Heaven Site'... I singed up due to my friends loved CoD glitches and that's all I really looked at but when you sign up and look what the site has to offer its really amazing at what is to offer for you! Section after section of an amazing community asking/helping others in distress who need it and to find that one answer they cant think or work out for them selves. And that's what I enjoy about this website! The sheer enjoyment and the awesome Shout-Box where you can socialize even more with people you never met!

Why do you keep coming back to the website we've all grown to love? I come back everyday to check whats new and try to help others! I come back too talk to my friends on here and to try to impersonate the 'Handy Man'.
I comeback too see what people are up to and too see the whats havoking in the 'Gaming News'. The website is just astonishing, all these features just supplements you to comeback for more! The community drags you back, you get the chance to meet some really amazing people including Ryan I think it is, hes doing a sponsored something, Im not going to say and I don't know what it is as I don't want to offend anybody.
My post count isn't so high but I put effort into my posts!
Thank you too the staff for hosting this magnificent giveaway.
hope I am one of them selected winners!
Good luck to you all!
I tried to make this easy to read and understandable, please mistake my grammar. Its 3:45 AM.
-Aidan (AKA Mwah

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People like TDK, Axe, A-10, CPR, Rezi, HxD,
Honey-Badger, -Brandon, and of course F40, and many others are the reason I love The Tech Game so much!
They make it such a wonderful place, their there to help when you need it most and are over all just always here for the community, doing awesome things like this Christmas contest, and most of them have spent a lot of money gifting gold to people who deserve it but are unable to get it If they weren't around I'm not sure if TTG would be as great of a place as it is

Thanks for this great contest! :2thumbsup:

Happy Holidays! :xmas:

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What do you enjoy about The Tech Game?
- Meeting new people
- Helping people out
- the community & Staff
- The Badges / Achievements
- Gold Features.

Why do you keep coming back to the website we've all grown to love?

i keep coming back to TTG because of the community everyone is so kind.My first time at TTG i was a leecher only signed up for modded lobbies.When i checked out the forums i was really liking it everyone was nice to each other, So i decided that i was going to be active and be apart of the community
Good luck to everyone that enters . Pce *1beerbuds1* .
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What do you enjoy about The Tech Game?
Well my favorite part about ttg is the community, even when i first signed up a year and a half ago everyone was so kind and even today everyone is nice. And the reason i signed up is because i LOVE technology and video games and this is probably the only website that i know of that has that all in one place! Furthermore, i enjoy ttg because everyone has the same passion as i for technology and video games.

Why do you keep coming back to the website we've all grown to love?
I visit ttg everyday for many reasons, tech or video game news and the forums, the forums is what caught my attention because everyone is just so nice. Also i came here for the modded lobbies for call of duties, not going to lie on that part i mean this website evolved from modding and hacking. Everything changes on ttg and i've been liking every single part of it. And i will keep login onto this site for a very long time. I can see this site going far with members joining and the popularity of the site going up from all the nice members and staff.

Thanks for the giveaway! and i hope everyone enjoys the last 30 days of 2013!
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I enjoy learning new things from all the new posts, people are always so kind to me and it just makes me want to come back for more
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First off i would like to say thanks for putting this event together! I'm glad to see all the Holiday Spirit! And why do i enjoy The Tech Game? Well it seems i learn something new everyday from this site, and the community is very enjoyable! Anyways, thanks again for doing this giveaway, good luck everyone, and Happy Holidays! :bigups:
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Wow congrats on the stick man! That's awesome
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