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Gmlukens' 3000th PostPosted:

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So yah, after a good two years hear i have finally gotten 3000 posts. I wasn't real active for about 9 months but in the past few weeks i have been going strong . I dont really know that many people here so here is my thanks list:
All the people who took all the oG names here about 3 years ago
Everyone else

Yah i know its really deep, but thanks you guys.

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Andy (07-17-2013)
#2. Posted:
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Congrats on reaching 3000 posts mate, it's good to see some active members round.
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Congrats on your 3,000 posts bro.
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Good job I personally will never get over 1000 post lol.
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Congratulations on 3,000 posts. See you at 4,000!
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Congrats on reaching 3K posts.
See you at 4K.
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3k posts congrats mate.
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Congratulations on 3k!

I hope to be there soon!

Keep it up!
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Nice and well done on your 3000th post, I'm about to get my 100th.
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Congratulations! wow, hope i get up there some day ;-)
good luck on 4k
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