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Members Ratings for Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Vote [1] Low to [10] high)

19.37% (49 votes)
1.19% (3 votes)
3.16% (8 votes)
7.11% (18 votes)
6.72% (17 votes)
7.11% (18 votes)
15.02% (38 votes)
11.86% (30 votes)
13.04% (33 votes)
15.42% (39 votes)

Total Votes: 253

#11. Posted:
  • Challenger
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I will never play this sh*t game, CoD 4 the best so far, the only and unic nice CoD....
#12. Posted:
  • Download King
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Nice review man! I definitely agree with the graphics however I feel you should give more credit to the multiplayer. It is a huge step up from MW3. Don't get me wrong, there hasn't been a COD game that I have disliked. I just believe that it is more of a 6-8. But I digress. Nice work and keep it up
#13. Posted:
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If this game didn't have the title CoD above it.. it would have gotten a 3. pick 10 and scoretreaks are nice.. but the lag, maps and matchmaking just ruin the game + the zombies is a huge letdown
#14. Posted:
  • TTG Addict
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I agree with you completely about the multiplayer. Everything is good, but the hit markers. A sniper should kill with one bullet, not 2 or 3. The DSR is fine, but the Ballista. Ugh... Don't even get me started on that. Lol
#15. Posted:
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Love the review Kootah.
#16. Posted:
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#17. Posted:
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I personally think that this is one of the worst games I have ever played. Regardless as to how hard I try I couldn't possibly find anything postive to say about it. Such a disappointment after the first black ops and world at war which IMO was one of the best cod games to date.
I'm not going to go on a massive rant about why I dislike the game so much but instead will just say I bought this at the midnight launch and traded it in 2 days later.
Cod is just becoming another franchise that is going to be driven into the ground by a team of developers that have come to realise that no matter how terrible the game is, people will buy it every November because of the name on the box.
#18. Posted:
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I have to say 7/10. The best thing about this is the zombies.
#19. Posted:
  • V5 Launch
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good game but has it flaws
#20. Posted:
  • TTG Addict
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kootah wrote
-Codemasters- wroteZombies and multiplayer review is right..
Graphics are the same on every call of duty.

See, there's where I disagree. I feel as if this game is more animated with it's graphics.
Yeah hit detectors suck and damage on guns is horrible. It's like you're throwing pillows at people!
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