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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - ReviewPosted:

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review

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Release Date: March 20th, 2012
Developer: Slant 6 Games
Publishers: Capcom
Genre: 3rd Person Squad Based Shooter
Rating: M (17+)
Platform: Multi-platform


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City tasks you with covering up the dirty work of the Umbrella Corporation when a deadly zombification virus known as the T-Virus escapes their labs and is leaked into the city known as Raccoon City. As part of the cleanup crew, you and three other squad mates will travel through different locations of the city in hopes of destroying any evidence that leaks Umbrella to the outbreak while fighting a combination of zombies, rogue Umbrella mercenaries, and US Special Operatives. This is one very bumpy ride, and a combination of horrific AI, bland and dark environments, and very bad gun play make the trip I took into Raccoon City a very regrettable decision.


Gameplay in RE: ORC is very unpolished and feels very clunky. At least you wont have to go through the pain alone, as you can have 3 buddies play with you in drop-in drop-out Co-op.
You can choose between several characters. Vector, who's main style of play is recon and can have an active cloak ability. Beltway, who is the demolitions expert, can plant and diffuse mines. Bertha the medic, who can carry extra healing sprays. Spectre, who is very good in marksmanship. Four-Eyes is the field scientist who can program BOWs. And Lupo, the team leader. All the squad mates would seem like their abilities would come in handy, but i found myself running around with an M60 as Vector more than sneaking around using his cloak ability. Most of the weapons, which you can purchase with experience gained from missions, feel EXTREMELY under powered. It takes roughly 2 clips of a sniper rifle firing into the chest of a US Spec Ops soldier to kill him, and one clip in the head. The way most people think to kill zombies is a headshot, but headshots almost never work on the zombies. It will take anywhere from 2-5 shots to the head to kill a zombie, or a clip or 2 in the chest. There were only two guns i found worth buying that could kill something in a 1-3 shots, which were both shotguns, and gave me no range at all. There is a cool melee system though. Press B to stagger your enemies and press A or Y to preform a brutal special kill. It would be cool if this ability had a cool-down time, but if you and 3 buddies are playing, you can clear almost any area not even shooting your gun. The multiplayer in ORC is also a bore. There is almost always lag, and the combination of dumb AI mixed in with real players just isnt interesting. Aside from the standard Team Deathmatch, ORC has nothing new to add to the multiplayer ladder.


The graphics in Operation Raccoon City are not that bad. It uses a graphics engine I haven't even heard of called the Hexane Engine, and i was surprised. Your squad-mates character models look very well polished and very detailed. The lighting in some areas looks adequate, and some environments seem very detailed like the Umbrella labs. Those are only some examples, and the negatives unfortunately outnumber the positives. Most of the environments outside have very little detail to them. There just appears to be shades of grey, black, green, and brown in almost all of they outdoor environments, leaving a bland and unmemorable setting.


Controls are very standard for Raccoon City. LT is to aim and RT is to shoot and everything else is what you can imagine in a squad based shooter. The closest control scheme i can thing of relating ORC's controls to is Gears of War. The only thing that is different is the fact that there is no cover button, but there is a cover system. The way you get on cover is by walking next to or onto something. This cover system is EXTREMELY aggravating because it makes your character stick to anything you walk past.

Final Verdict

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is bad. It has many good things going for it. The idea behind the game and many of its mechanics is good in theory, but the execution on those ideas is what held the game back from being what it could have been.

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i love this game graphic where good controlling was good i loved it i give it a 9/10
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Good Review and Details Great Job!


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I felt like I was literally in the game, the graphics were amazing and the feel for the game was spectacular.
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I was planning on getting this game but after reading this review I'm not so sure about it.

Great review.
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Nice review I love this. Looks like im not getting this game anymore
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i Love This Game, But Then Again its Very HARD.

-Lean <3
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Yeah its been getting a lot of bad reception
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I did'nt like this game, thank god I only rented it:D
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i would love to see what its like im gonna rent it
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