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need help looking for cheap beats by Dr.DrePosted:

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I need your guys help looking for the cheapest beats by Dre
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Your not going to find a pair cheap unless you buy them from a pawn shop or something
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yeah dr dre beats are quite expensive and no one would sell them cheap because cheapest headphones are like 130:L
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They are mostly sold by chinese people, as they are made in china.
And they are cheapest there
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Do what my friend did, when he went to visit relatives in Thailand he brought 3 pairs of Dre Studio HD Beats which cost him 150 pounds ($232). He then sold off two of them for 200 pounds each.
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Get Diddy Beats. There 120 pounds. I don't have a pair but my mate does. There almost the same as Dre Beats and the quality is exactly the same
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