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Minecraft How to Mod / Edit Inventory - Xbox 360

Video Title: Minecraft How to Mod / Edit Inventory - Xbox 360   Popular

Category: Modding

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##############Text Tutorial#############
1. Put as many items into your inventory as possible in-game then save and exit
2. Extract your save from your USB
3. Open your save into the Editor
4. Mod what you want and Save
5. Rehash/Resign your save and put your save back on your USB
6. PLAY!

KV.bin Error
This Error is nothing to worry about its annoying but doesnt really do anything). If you want to fix it then download this file and put it in the folder that it says its missing from:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------String Error
This is caused because the Editor sometimes doesnt display some items (Blank Drop-down box), to make it work, just change the Blank Items to any Item and the Editor will save.---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Net Framework Error
All you have to do is install the newest version of .Net Framework (4.0):
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"Minecraft How to Mod / Edit Inventory - Xbox 360" | Login/Create an Account | 11 comments
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this is really easy. but now there is creative mode so you dont really need it
This is helpful for anyone who needs the achievements done fast. I will be doing this soon
Im going to tell my brother about this. Nice work.
Thanks for the tutorial. I used to mod my Minecraft game-save a lot before creative mod came out, there isn't really a need for it any more though
Nice ima try this man
Too bad we don't need this anymore.
It doesnt work for me it says file not found everytime i try load up a save and i know im not doing anything wrong i mean its simple click file open and select a save.
I keep getting this error.
does it really work
this is not that good do the duplication glitch its faster and so mutch easyer