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GTA V Mission #8 - Father/Son

Tutorial Name: GTA V Mission #8 - Father/Son  

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Whilst relaxing by his pool, Franklin unexpectedly shows up looking for work. As the two talk about a career of crime, Michael gets a call from Jimmy, who alerts Michael that his yacht had been stolen and he's hidden himself in the bow.
Using his wife's Red Sentinel, Michael and Franklin drive to the Western Freeway where they encounter Michael's yacht on the back of an out-of-control truck. Franklin jumps on the yacht and deals with the goons on the back before retrieving Jimmy. However, Jimmy gets knocked by the main sail and hangs on over the edge. Michael manages to catch him, then retrieves Franklin.

As he tries to chase after his yacht, the car stalls as a result of the chase. Giving up on the boat, the three drive to Los Santos Customs to repair the car. Michael catches a cab whilst Franklin drives Jimmy and the car back to Michael's place.


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This wasn't too bad of a mission honestly, the best part was when you had to catch jimmy from the boat. It was really intense