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Call of duty world at war - Online mods V2 GPD

Tutorial Name: Call of duty world at war - Online mods V2 GPD   Popular

Category: Xbox 360 JTAG Tutorials

Submitted By: Sean

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- This GPD and patch no longer has the developer coding in the GPD.

- Text in 4-5 different area's LB being the most popular/biggest area to add text.

- Other area's to have text - LB,RB,D-pad up, Back button(Also activates no clip) Start
button (Also activates god mode)

- Even when your not host you can have text showing on the screen using LB RB AND D-PAD UP only.

- All weapons/ammo as you want pressing down to activate this. ( INCLUDES DEFAULT COMES AFTER THE WEAPON BAR ) This works when your host and when your not.

- XP Lobby if you get host 1,000 xp per kill 4,000.

How To Infect Yourself.

1. Put the patch on your jtag.

2. On your retail put your gamertag on your usb drive.

3. Start up your game on your jtag.

4. Join the system link on your retail.

5. Wait for it to say infected then back out and sign out of your profile STAYING AT WAW XBOX LIVE SCREEN.

6. Take your USB and place it into your PC/Laptop put the GPD on your profile rehash and resign.

7. Place the USB back into your retail and your good to go.

Download via ttg


Download via mediafire
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thanks sean

ill do it later

FreshJr13 wrote:

Is this a USB mod that doesn't require Jtag or ISO.

I'm so sorry. I should do as I learned in elementary, ask questions last.
Is this a USB mod that doesn't require Jtag or ISO.
dont work?