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Ultimate ICE Staff Tutorial :: Call of Duty Black ops 2

Tutorial Name: Ultimate ICE Staff Tutorial :: Call of Duty Black ops 2  

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How to craft the Ultimate Elemental Staff Of Ice OR ULL's Arrow in the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies map Origins.

Before you can craft any of the 4 Ultimate elemental staffs in origins you must first craft all 4 standard staffs. In this Video we will be showcasing all the steps needed to craft the Ultimate Elemental Staff Of Ice, so the Ice staff is the one you will need to pick up from the Ice Statue underneath the Pack a Punch machine.

Once you have the Ice Staff you must now head to Argartha. Once here you will need to solve a puzzle by matching a symbol on a pillar to another symbol above you at the teleporter.
Once you have completed this puzzle you will need to go back to Origins and find 3 Tombstone type objects and freeze them with you ice Staff then once frozen destroy with a secondary weapon.
Locations include:
1. In a Robot Footprint near Generator 4 and Juggernog.
2. On a bank outside of the Excavation Site.
3. On a bank on the Tank track accessed by using the Tank Station.

Once you are this far the next step is to head to the floor under the Pack a Punch machine, where you will find the 4 Elemental statues and crafting areas for each. Next you will need to match up all the blue Gems on the 4 floating rings using the 4 different switches. Once they are all in line continue under this rings and you will see a blue Sphere, freeze it with your Ice staff.

Next head back to Argartha and place the Ice staff in the Ice Gem Pit, Next kill zombies near this pit to fill the staff with the zombies souls. When it is full you can remove it and you now have the Ultimate Ice Staff or Ull's Arrow.

Once upgraded to the Ull's Arrow, it shoots three balls of ice per shot, horizontally, with the same effects as its previous version. You can also hold down the firing button in order to charge it up, at the cost of more ammo per charged shot. When charged and released, it fires an inital blast of ice, then expands in a circle, attracting nearby zombies towards it and instantly freezing and killing them. It also gains a secondary "attachment" called Sekhmet's Vigor which when activated by pressing right on the D-Pad, will cause the player to flip the staff and use the bottom end. This can be used to revive a downed player by "shooting him.''


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I didn't even know how to do this so this tutorial came of some use. Apparently not a users agreed since the ratings kind of suck but nevermind that. I appreciate the work you've put into this Raci.